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The virtual goods component is added to any item you upload; both for items that you are marking for sale, which will appear in the store, and items you are only uploading for your own use, including your own regions.

Content Type

Set the type of content you are uploading. This will determine how your content is processed by our backend servers. Setting the wrong content type may make your upload fail.

Type region.jpg

Primary Description

Name, description and brand. These are most likely seen in the Shop and the users Inventory, however they are also used in other locations (such as the world map for regions).

Primary description.jpg

Localised Descriptions

Add as many languages as you want; for languages with regional variants (such as Traditional and Simplified Chinese), you can also select a middle value ('Chinese') which will be shown to both if one is not included.


Images and Icons

We recommend using .png files to avoid recompression. Other file types will be accepted, but will be automatically converted and resized by our systems which can have sub-optimal results.

  • Item store icon: Store images should be 430 x 430
  • Item inventory icon: Inventory images should be 96 x 96
  • Brand icon: Brand icon should be 140 x 60

Images and icons.jpg


If your item is going to be on sale, set the silver and gold prices. If you wish to price as only available in one of the two currencies, set the other currency to "-1"


For more information on the two Space currencies see here;

Currencies - Gold and Silver

Content Rating

Your content will be reviewed against the maturity rating you set.

Content maturity.jpg

Creator Information

Developer name

Your company or your avatar account.


Choose from our selection or add new categories; these will be reviewed and accepted by the review team. Categories may have up to 2 additional subcategories, delineated by Slashes ("/"), e.g. "Clothing/Body/Skin" or "Vehicle/Plane/Biplane"

Creator information.JPG


Shows the current status of this object;

  • Not submitted
  • Submitted ("Uploaded")
  • In Processing ("Processing")
  • Content had issues ("Error" - check your email.)
  • Released to preview server ("Staging")
  • Released to live server ("Live")
  • Rejected ("Rejected" - check your email.)

Upload Content

Submits your file to the Space server. Regions are uploaded from the Scene Settings object in the scene. Other goods are uploaded from the project directory. Selecting multiple Virtual Goods from the Project panel allows you to bulk upload items.

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