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Creating Web GL Friendly Regions

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While making regions for Web GL, there are a few things you need to bear in mind. Web GL is specifically made for running applications in browsers, so it has a lower standard for graphics than the actual sinespace client. This means the regions you create will need to stick to a few rules to make sure it runs smoothly in the browser.

1. Regions need to be a light build. Anything up to 30MB is fine to run in a web browser.

2. Test the region to make sure it can hold 10-12 avatars without crashing.

3. Try to make objects plain, or add low resolution textures. Maximum resolution for normal textures needs to be 512x512. For billboards, this can go up to 1024x1024.

4. Use the Unity Legacy shader instead of Unity Standard shader.

5. Use baked lighting if you want to add shadows. These shadows will be static shadows, but this will stop lag in the region.

6. Special effects and animations can be used in the region, but keep the count to 4-5 of them.