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Make Clothing or Attachment

Add the Make Clothing or Attachment component to your clothing item.

Add clothing 1.jpg

Skeleton Selection

Choose the relevant skeleton for your clothing item. Please note Space supports multiple third party skeletons as well as it's own native male and female models.


Tick the slots your clothing item should occupy exclusively. Be careful not to select slots unnecessarily; for instance, a normal jacket would cover chest and uppper chest. But selecting back as well would prevent users from wearing the jacket with a backpack or wings.

Clothing layer

Set the clothing item to one of five sorting layers.

Mesh deletion and tucking of clothing items is applied dynamically in accordance with this layer.

So if a user wears a pair of boots set to "Close" worn with a pair of pants set to "skin tight," the pants mesh will be deleted inside the boots.

If the user then changes to a different pair of pants set to "Loose," the same pair of boots will then be deleted inside the pants.


Please note, clothing layer deletion is not suppported in webgl, where some occlusion will occur.

Obscuration distance

Compresses the skin under clothing items at hem lines.

This allows tight fitting clothes to squash the avatar slightly where skin emerges from under cloth.

Default distance is 1 cm

Effected vertices are highlighted in yellow when the item has been prepared.

Obsurance dis 2.jpg

Skip deletion

Tick to avoid all skin deletion being applied.

Keep materials always

Tick if your item has only one variation.

If you have multiple patterns or colours for an item, untick this box and follow Clothing variations for further details on submitting multiple patterns for a single clothing mesh.


Add clothing 2.jpg

Tick if your item is an attachement. Then select appropriate bone from "Attach to this bone."

Convert to skinned

You can apply automatic Linear Weighting to your clothing item here if not already skinned.

Please note this works well for close fitting items but is less effective with loose items which will usually be much better if skinned manually.

Deletion and preservation zones

Add clothing 3.jpg

Use these tools to define specific areas on the avatar where skin must be deleted or must be preserved.

These tools are useful if the automatic skin deletion is not perfect. For instance with open topped shoes the preservation zone can ensure the automatic skin deletion does not remove parts of the foot where it should be visible.


Once clicked this will show the results of the skin deletion and weighting.

Obscurance distance.jpg

Red squares indicate skin that will be deleted. Blue indicates skin that will be deleted if more than two adjacent verticies are red. Yellow indicates skin that will be squeezed in line with the Obscuration distance (above).

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