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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy applies between you and the operators of this website, Sine Wave Entertainment Ltd. Please read this document carefully. The owner of the website takes your privacy seriously. This document outlines the information we store, utilise and share as part of this service. For the purposes of Article 4 of the GPDR, the data controller is Sine Wave Entertainment Ltd. The principle aim of any collection of data relating to the website and associated applications and services is to improve the service itself, or to ensure operational requirements. For each category of data, we have identified appropriate retention periods, you may also delete your account at any time by contacting our support staff [] which will remove many forms of personal information from our systems (except that which we are compelled to keep for a valid purpose.) If you have any specific concerns or notices relating to this policy, you can contact us at You have the right to lodge a complaint with the local supervising authority – Information Commissioners Office.

Data use and sharing

As part of your usage of this service, we may be required to store, process and/or share your personal information. By design, we keep as little private information as we require to operate the service. The following itemises the kinds of information we keep, and for how long.

Personal Information we keep and use

IP Address We store your IP when you signup, and whenever you sign-in to the service. This information is retained for identifying malicious account activity, or for tracking duplicate accounts accessing the service. We may also use this information as a component in validating country for calculating VAT and establishing demographics. Additionally, your IP address may be temporarily recorded within webserver logs for diagnostic and security related purposes.
Email We use email addresses to contact you for important topics (such as changes to the terms of service, password resets, and other messages of a similar nature), if you opt-in to our newsletter, you will also periodically receive marketing materials from us; you may unsubscribe from marketing emails at any time, using the link attached at the bottom of any marketing message. You may update your email at any time from the account management page.
Username We store your username as a critical part of accessing the service, you may rename your account at any time for small fee. Your username will be removed from the service if in the event that you choose to terminate your account.
Gender and Country (Optional) You may optionally add this information into your profile to exhibit to other users. We may use this information, if supplied, for general demographical analysis for marketing, localisation and general operational purposes.
Social Media Accounts (Optional) If you login to the service using a social login, or via a third party login service, or use connected features of a account, we may store the account identifier to deliver that feature.
Billing Name and Address (Optional) If you purchase any premium services, we will store your name and billing address indefinitely as part of our accounting records. We utilise several third parties in relation to this service who will also retain copies of this information, including our merchant banking processors (Stripe, PayPal) and our subscription manager (Chargify). We have vetted each of these services as providing strong levels of security in relation to this data.
Creator Details (Optional) If you register as a creator, we require additional information as such as name and billing address for the copyright owner. This is part of our ongoing content verification procedures. To ensure legal record keeping in the event of infringement, we do maintain this information indefinitely, although it may be updated at any time from the curator website.
Application Usage We will record some information about your usage of the application for the purposes of improving the user experience, or fixing defects. This information may also be processed in aggregate for statistical purposes.
Computer Information If you submit bugs via our bug tracker, you may upload log files, or input system information which may reveal some limited information about your username or computer system. This information is utilised to improve the quality of the service.

The following data providers may also have access to some subset of your personal information. We purposefully keep this list short.

Data sharing with 3rd parties

Analytics We utilise Google Analytics and our own monitoring software for improving our webpage and application use navigation, visits to this website may be processed and analysed by our analytics provider. For more information on Google Analytics GPDR policies, please see [compliance website].
Marketing Partners We may return single-use identifiers sent to us by our marketing providers (including pay per click advertising on networks such as Google and Facebook) to accurately determine how many users arrived from those advertisements. We do not send this information unless you specifically arrived on the website via an advertisement from those partners, and we do not send account details.
Payment Processors We utilise various third parties for processing payments with the service, these providers have access to your name, credit card details and billing address, as required to process payments. We do not store this information on our servers.

We seek assurances for all agencies whom we share personal information with that any data will be properly secured and stored for no longer than required.