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Drag your car/Land vehicle mesh in the scene.


Select the main mesh for your vehicle and add a collider.

Ensure the collider does not overlap with the wheels.

The wheels will have their own colliders applied by the Car Physics script and those colliders should not overlap the body collider.

Box collider.jpg

You can adjust the collider size manually by clicking the Edit Collider button and grabbing the small green dot in the middle of each surface, or by entering size and position parameters in the Inspector.

Box collider settings.jpg

Car Vehicle Script

Attach the Car Vehicle component to your vehicle.

This will add three scripts to the object;

Car Physics

Car physics.jpg

Mouse Control

Control Locked

Min Speed

Check for active

Wheel FR / FL / BR / BL

Suspension distance



Wheel radius


Brake Torque

Wheel weight

Vehicle Rigid Body

Vehicle rigid body.jpg

Car Physics

Car vehicle script.jpg

Add the animation track from an FBX file here to apply a pose to the user's avatar while using the vehicle.