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The chat system allows you to communicate with the entire virtual world, just people in your region or specific people.

The world and region channels are always visible in your chat window. To open a chat with a specific individual, go to their PROFILE and click the CHAT button at the top.



You can send inworld email messages to anyone in Space, via the MAIL button in their PROFILE.

You can see notifications in the top right bar when you receive email messages.

Email attachments

You can send attachments via email; this is a great way to share content; and you can add an offer price to an attachment so you can trade inworld.

Voice Chat

Voice Chat is only supported the Windows and Mac version now. The support for WebGL is still on developping, and Linux is not supported.

Click the sound source icon in the bottom left to enable voice chat. You will see a green icon above the heads of everyone in the region using chat.

You can click the head button in the avatar inspector to easily focus on the faces of people talking.