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Making Friends

You can friend someone via the ADD FRIEND button on their PROFILE.

You can open their PROFILE by clicking on them if you are both in the same region, and clicking MORE expanding the mini PROFILE in the top right corner of the screen.



Use the same button in any user's PROFILE to unfriend them.

Friends list

The FRIENDS LIST shows all your friends and everyone in the same region as you.


FRIENDS LIST shows who is online and who is offline.

It also allows you to open the PROFILE of any friend.

You can also click from the friends list to go directly to the AVATAR INSPECTOR of anyone in the same region as you.

Friends' Regions

You can see a list of each of your friend's regions by clicking the HOME button in their PROFILE.

Or by clicking EXPLORE (bottom menu) and then clicking the FRIENDS tab.


Teleporting Friends

Teleport friends to you via the TELEPORT button in their PROFILE.