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Getting Started for Users

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Friends in sinespace.png

First of all, a big welcome to Sinespace!

As a user in Sinespace, you can chat with other users, complete quests, attend events and much more.

Creating your account

If you are not a member of Sinespace yet and would like to be, please go to our sign up page!

Here you will use the arrows on the left (see green arrow) to scroll through the base avatars available to start with. You will have the ability to use our avatar customization tool once logged in.
When you have the avatar you want to start with you can choose your avatar name and password (pink arrow).

Account Sign Up.png

Once you have an account for Sinespace, you will automatically be directed to the download page for the current client/viewer.

Logging into the Sinespace Client

Once you have downloaded and installed the Sinespace client, open it up. You will get a log in screen which looks something like this:

Login screen info.png

You enter the account name and password you set up on the sign in page.
The preview server check box is for creators to access and test items.
The blue arrow shows the drop down menu to choose 'Last visited', 'Home', and 'Welcome Center'. Last visited will log you into the last visited region, Home will log you into your home region, Welcome Center will log you into the Welcome Center (this is good for new users).

Once you have set where you want to log in, click on the pink Login button under your login information.

Upon login to Sinespace

When you log in to Sinespace for the first time, especially in the Welcome Center, you will see a loading progress bar in the top right corner.

Once this is done, you will be able to chat and move around easily. If you still find issues with moving around, you can adjust the Performance settings to a lower level by clicking on the icon on the bottom right with the cog.

Avatar Highlighting. You may notice your avatar is highlighted, or outlined, when your cursor moves over it. You can turn this feature off if desired in settings.

Moving Around in Sinespace

To walk around, you can use the 'WASD' keys, the 'arrow' keys, or we have a Click-to-Walk setting. When turning your avatar, the longer you hold down the key, the further it will turn.

Move around commands.png

To run hold down the 'shift' key while walking.

To jump press the 'spacebar'. Jumping while walking or running is a good way to hop over small obstacles.

The click-to-walk feature allows you to left-click on the ground and your avatar will move to the spot you clicked. If Click-to-Walk isn't your style, you can turn this off under the Settings/Input Options at the bottom of the client screen (click the gear symbol.)

To fly press the 'R' key on your keyboard, then 'E' to go up and 'C' to go down. Change direction using 'WASD' or 'arrow' keys. You can also fly up or down using 'Page Up' and 'Page Down'.

"To Strafe" use the Q for left and E for right.

Basic Camera or Viewpoint Controls

Zoom in, zoom out: You can zoom in or out using the scroll wheel on your mouse. Scrolling all the way up gives you the "eye view" of the avatar, as if you were looking through the eyes of your avatar. Try this while walking, running, or flying for a different perspective.

Move Around.png

Rotate Camera: You can rotate the camera around your avatar by holding down the right mouse button and 'dragging' the mouse. To return the camera to the default position behind the avatar, move the cursor so that it is NOT on your avatar and then press 'ESC'.

Moving the Camera position using 'Fly Cam': You can move around the camera position without moving your avatar by using the 'Fly Cam' feature. Press the 'F4' key once to toggle Fly Cam on. Now move the camera by holding down the right mouse button while you press the 'W' 'A' 'S' 'D' 'E' or 'C' keys. Another option is to hold down the right mouse button and use the 'arrow keys', 'page up', and 'page down' keys to move the camera. Press 'ESC' to turn off Fly Cam and return the camera to the default position behind the avatar. Note: If you locked Fly Cam you need to press 'F4' to unlock it before pressing 'ESC'.

Fly Cam Lock: The Fly Cam Lock prevents your avatar from walking or flying when Fly Cam is activated. It's very easy to accidentally move your avatar when using Fly Cam, so using the lock feature is a good habit to develop. When Fly Cam is activated the 'F4' key toggles the lock on and off. The 'ESC' key will not work when Fly Cam is locked!

Focus on a specific object: You can instantly move the camera to be centered on any object by holding down the 'Alt' button and right clicking on the object you wish to view closer. You can then right click and drag to pan around the item and observe it from any angle. Press 'ESC' to return the camera to the default position behind the avatar.

Note: If pressing 'ESC' doesn't return your camera to the default position make sure the cursor is NOT over your avatar's body and press 'ESC' again.

Adding Friends

There are a few ways you can add other users as friends.

Click on an avatar to bring up the menu. The green arrow shows the inspect avatar location to click open the avatar profile.
If you are not near the avatar use the search at the top of the screen - blue arrows - Put the name of the avatar in to search for them and choose detail.

Choose Friend.png

The green arrow shows the button you want to press to add that user as a friend.
Once they have accepted your friend request, you will see them under the Friends tab at the bottom of the screen.

Inspect avatar.png

Customizing your avatar

Outfit window

In the outfit window you have a large selection of customization options for your avatar. There is a full tutorial on how to do this here

Buying Items from the Shop

Want more clothing options? You can buy new clothing items at the Shop. Exit Outfit editing and click on the 'Shop' tab to visit the Shop.

The Shop has a wide range of items for you to purchase, from clothing to furniture. To enter the Shop, first click on the green 'Shop' tab at the bottom of the screen. When it opens, you will see something similar to this:

Inworld Shop Window.png

As seen from the above image, there are different categories in the Shop: 'Clothes', 'Gestures', 'Vehicles', 'Furniture', 'Room' and 'Pet'. You can click on these category tabs to get the relevant items.

Each category has sub-categories, for example, clothes has an 'Outfit' sub-category, a 'Top' sub-category, and so on.

You can use the search bar in the top right corner of the Shop window to search for a specific item.

To purchase an item, click on the item image. A preview window like this one will pop up (if it is a clothing item it will be shown modeled on your avatar):

Preview Clothing.png

This preview shows how the item will look, and also gives you color options, if available for the item. To purchase the item, click on the 'Buy for Silver' or 'Buy for Gold' button at the bottom of this screen. Some items can only be bought for Gold, some can only be bought for Silver, and some can be bought for either. Once you have bought the item, it will show in your Inventory. To see your inventory exit the Shop by clicking the 'X' in the top right corner of the Shop screen. Then click on the Inventory tab at the bottom of the main screen.

Exploring other Regions

To explore other regions, click on the green 'Explore' button at the bottom of the screen. When you have clicked on it, you will see a list of regions down the left hand side of the screen:

Explore Window.png

There are three categories for regions; 'Featured', 'Popular' and 'Friends'. The Featured list shows mostly Sinespace owned regions, but it does show some of the most popular creator regions as well. Popular is where you will find the most visited regions, and Friends will show all of your friends' homes and regions.

To enter one of these regions, click on the 'Enter' button next to the region image. To get back to the Welcome Center, you can click on 'Explore' again, find the Welcome Center and click on 'enter'. If you are wanting to find and visit a specific region, you can use the 'search bar' above the Featured, Popular and Friends tabs.

Visiting your Home

Free Home Region

When you make an account for Sinespace, you automatically get a home region for free! To visit your home, click on the 'Home' button at the bottom of the screen, under the chat window. When you click on it, you will see a pop like this:

Home tab info.png

This is the Room List. This shows all of the different rooms you have. To enter your room, click on the 'Enter' button. This will take you to your Home. You can disable and enable different rooms here.

Using the Create New Region will allow you to create more saved region environments however only one room can be enabled at a time if you have not subscribed to have more concurrent active regions.

Premium Membership

The Change button on the top will give you the option to go purchase a new plan to expand the amount of active regions, the amount of avatars in your region and the ability to place more items. Our available plans are located here.