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Access your Regions

Click the rooms button to teleport to your own private space, or to see the list of regions you own if you are a subscriber with multiple regions.

You can teleport to any of your regions from here.

Region Slot Management

If you have uploaded more regions than you have available slots for you can swap around which are enabled and which are disabled.

Region Management

Click EDIT in the INFO tab of the REGION MANAGEMENT window (which you can open from the minimap in a region, or from the room list if you want to change settings of a region you own but are not currently standing in.)

Room Access

Your room will be set to public; open to anyone; by default. You can set it to friends only, or approved only.


Room access permissions are tied to each region; you can have lots of different regions with different public and private access groups.

To approve specific people to access an approved only region, invite them to teleport in; they will be prompted to request access and you can grant it. They will then appear as a member in the MEMBERS tab of the REGION MANAGEMENT window.

They can attempt to teleport in, prompting the access request, by finding your region in the EXPLORE panel, or via your profile. They can use the region url. Or you can offer a teleport direct to you via the TELEPORT button on their PROFILE window.


If your region is set to friends only or approved only you will see a list of everyone with access in the MEMBERS tab of the REGION MANAGEMENT window.


You can modify this, barring, removing or giving admin permissions on an individual basis.

Spawn Rules

Spawnable items, including all generic virtual goods, can be deployed on a timed basis in a region.


You can set each of your regions to no spawned items (default) or you can allow only admin (including yourself) to spawn items. Or you can let anyone who has access to the region spawn items and limit their duration. Spawned items will also disappear automatically when the owner logs out of the region.

Multiple Regions

Everyone in Space automatically gets one free region. If you want to upload your own unique region content to your region, go to curator.sine.space and sign up as a creator, for free, and follow the tutorials on how to create your own region content.

If you want to own multiple regions you can subscribe on a monthly basis;


Visit Subscription Page for more details.