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To change or create new outfits in Sinespace, click on the Outfit button at the bottom of the screen.


Create Outfits

You can create new outfits to switch between in the Outfit window. To create a new Outfit, click on the New button.


Then add in a name in the left box, and pick the Base Male or Female skeleton. Hit the Create button. It may take a few seconds for your new avatar to appear.



You can create male and female outfits in multiple avatar skeleton categories (for instance the “native” Space avatar, the OpenSim avatar, which Space supports, or other custom avatar skeletons created and imported by third parties.)

Please note clothing items are tied to individual skeletons.


Facial sliders on some skeletons give you the option to customise each part of the face to create your own unique look.


We also have body sliders, which you can use to customize your avatar to any shape you want.


Skin Tone Picker

The skin tone picker allows you to tint your skin, with a range of natural colors or some dramatic alien ones. It also allows setting how the environment lighting casts highlighting and reflections on your skin.

Avatar Size

Body shape slider allows you to scale up and down the size of your avatar, up to a maximum of 200 cm tall.


To open your wardrobe, click on the Open Wardrobe button. If you can't see the button, expand the 'Worn Clothes' section on the left hand side of the Outfit window. The wardrobe opens your inventory and shows all of the clothing items you have.


Camera Focus

Use the head, body and leg buttons on the right to focus on different parts of the avatar as you preview different clothing items. You can pan and zoom using the arrow keys at the bottom or use the wheel and click and drag with the right mouse key.

Buying Clothes

Click shop in the bottom menu to open the store and browse clothes. You will only see clothes that can be worn by the skeleton and gender you are currently using.

Clothing Preview

You can preview any clothing item on your avatar, including pattern variations, before buying.


Gold and Silver

Silver credits are earned through your achievements in-world. Gold is purchased with real money.

It is up to individual virtual goods creators to decide which of their items can be bought with gold or with silver.

Wearing What You Buy

Once you buy a clothing item you can then close the store and open the OUTFIT window, or INVENTORY window to wear the new item immediately or to add it to a specific outfit.