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Setting up a white label grid

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Our white label grids allow you to have a private grid separated from the Sinespace public grid, which you have full control over in terms of access, item control and branding.

What is a white label grid?

A white label grid is a separate, private grid from the public one. White label grids are your own personal version of the Sinespace public grid with the added benefits of customization. You can customize to fit your brand, company or anything else. White label grids also give you the benefit of allowing you to control who comes in and out of your grid and what items are allowed. For more information, please see Sinespace Enterprise.

Subscription Benefits

It is easy for enterprise customers to buy and switch on a white label grid which has all of the Sinespace features available and is fully customisable with extensive APIs for authentication, grid management and reporting. White label grids are obtained through our Enterprise website at different levels of subscription.

Bronze Level

  • With our bronze level, you can have up to 100 concurrent users on your grid.
  • WebGL, Desktop and Mobile versions of your grid will be available.
  • Ticketed support - We will strive to answer in one business day.
  • Includes all hosting and server costs

Silver Level

  • Up to 1,000 concurrent users
  • WebGL, Desktop and Mobile versions
  • Dedicated 24/7 Support (3 hr response)
  • 99.9% Uptime SLA
  • Includes all hosting and server costs
  • Optional standalone deployment (isolated user accounts from main environments)

Gold Level

  • Up to 10,000 concurrent users
  • WebGL, Desktop and Mobile versions
  • Gaming Console Support (client must have relationships and publishing arrangements with console operator)
  • Dedicated 24/7 Support (3 hr response)
  • Includes all hosting and server costs
  • Optional standalone deployment (isolated user accounts from main environments)
  • LDAP Authentication
  • Hosting in third party data-centre

When you have decided on the right level for you, you will need to contact our Head of Business Development to start the process of accessing your own grid.

How to access your grid

As above, our staff member will help you with the process of obtaining and accessing your grid. They will inform you in detail of the process of how to get starting with your grid. Here is a simple step by step for how to access your grid:

1. Contact the Head of Business

2. Once you have contacted them and chosen your subscription level, you will then be given a grid ID.

3. This grid ID needs to be added to the config file in the installation folder, here is an example path for this: D:\Games\YourSinespaceInstallation\sinespace_Data\StreamingAssets then click on the Config file. Please add your grid ID to this line:


Please replace the '1' with your grid ID. This number is unique to you, so please don't share it with anyone.

Once you have changed the grid ID, run the viewer and log in with your username and password.

Customization of the grid

The complete UI on the public grid

Customization of the grid will need to be discussed with the Head of Business Development as changes to the UI and such can only be done by Sinespace staff at the moment. We are looking into adding self-service customization in the near future.

Customization Options

These are the current customization options for white label grids:

  • Buttons and UI themes can be changed
  • Allow/Disallow or limit the Shop (you can limit it to only show your brand items)
  • Allow/Disallow certain creators/users from your grid
  • Change other aspects like showing the mini-map or auctions on the UI.

Coming soon will be the option to re-skin the entire UI to reflect your business/brand.

A customized UI on a private grid