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(Compatible Unity Versions)
(Downloading Unity)
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  '''For Mac''' - Download Unity 2017.2.4 - [  '''Here''']
  '''For Mac''' - Download Unity 2017.4.37 - '''Here''']
'''For Linux'''  - please use 2017.2.1 from [ this forum thread].'''
=Quick Note for New Developers=
=Quick Note for New Developers=

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Downloading Unity

For Windows - Download Unity 2017.4.37 -  Here

For Mac - Download Unity 2017.4.37 - Here]

Quick Note for New Developers

Compatible Unity Versions

For production work use the Version of the Unity Editor 2017.4.37 for maximum stability and compatibility.

Sinespace SDK/Editor Pack 14 also includes Unity 2018.1 and 2018.2, and is generally robust.

Unity 2018.3/2018.4 are also available in SDK/Editor Pack 14, but is considered experimental.

2019.1+ in SDK/Editor Pack 14 is very experimental.

Reports on any and all possible bugs in any version is appreciated on

Importing Existing Content

We strongly advise importing the Sinespace Editor Pack into a blank project. Existing assets may incorporate incompatibilities in dependent assets, such as Unity's Post Stack V2 (which we bundle the Sinespace compatible version in our package, ditto Cinemachine.) which can cause conflicts. To import existing content, we recommend creating a blank project, and copy the assets into the new project, if you encounter incompatibilities please let us know!

Note for Mac/Linux Users

You also need to have Mono installed on OSX for the editor pack to work.

For OSX we recommend a specific version you can get that here: Download

Some assistance here for linux users

Installing Unity for Mac

When Unity has finished downloading, click Run to start the installation.

1. When the Unity Installer window opens, click Next

2. After that, accept the terms and conditions and click Next

3. You will then see a screen called Choose Components. You will need to choose the following components from the list:

  • Unity 2017.2.4
  • Documentation
  • Windows Build Support

All other components are optional (but can be installed if you want):


4. After selecting these, click Next and choose your installation location.

This will start the download and installation process. Once finished, Unity will be installed.

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