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Installing and Using the Sinespace Client

  • Download the Linux Client.
  • Unpack the client.
  • From inside the client directory, run sudo ./ to install. Depending on your desktop file manager, you may also try right-clicking this file and running it as root/admin.
  • Run sinespace to launch the client.

The Sinespace client is officially only supported on Ubuntu Linux.

Unofficially, other conventional Linux distributions should be able to run the client without additional work. For full media support, you may need to install the libavcodec and libswscale libraries. This task is already taken care of by the script for Ubuntu users.

Obtaining the Unity Editor

The Unity Editor for Linux is currently in beta. It is supported on Ubuntu Linux.

As it is currently in beta, it is not officially supported by Sinespace but still may be useful to developers.

The Unity on Linux Thread contains links to download the editor, release notes and a list of known issues.

The same thread also contains a list of dependencies that may be used to unofficially run the editor on other Linux distributions.

In addition to its requirements, the Sinespace SDK needs the mono-complete package also installed: sudo apt install mono-complete

Installation from the command-line is done in two steps:

  • Download the Unity .deb archive, in this example: unity-editor_amd64-2017.2.1f1.deb
  • Install the .deb archive with sudo apt install ./unity-editor_amd64-2017.2.1f1.deb