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Intellectual Property

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Copyright, Trademark and IP Policies

The Space Platform is a creative platform - we wish to encourage all creators to upload original innovative content to our platform. When uploading content to our platform however, we request that you do not infringe on other peoples works. This includes incorporating materials such as trademarks from popular brands or other third parties without their explicit consent.

Preventing Infringement

  • The Space Platform is a curated service, we aim to personally review most content uploaded onto the service. While this does not guaruntee we can prohibit all
  • We require a point of contact for all content uploaded to the service, and a contract for all content uploaded for sale. (This does allow us to trace who is responsible for all content uploaded onto the platform)
  • We operate with a delay between item purchases and cashouts to developers - this period allows us to retain funds for infringed content, and limit profiting from any infringing content.

Content Takedowns

If you believe someone has uploaded your IP (or IP for someone you formally represent), you may submit a take-down request to us.

For fastest processing, please raise a support ticket at [[1]] with the Regarding field as 'IP & Copyright Infringement'.

For physical notices of infringement, please mail to

22A St. James's Square London,
SW1Y 4JH, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 (0) 207 078 7449
or email:

Please include:

  • Where you saw the content (the name or direct URL of a region, our shop front, or an avatar name.)
  • A screenshot of the infringing content, or the content it is designed to look like.
  • The time, date and timezone of when you saw the infringing content.
  • Any details about the content (such as name or creator)
  • On what grounds you believe this to be infringing content ("I developed this and did not provide authorisation")

The more information you can provide about a piece of infringing content, the faster we can handle removing it. We have a strong respect for the intellectual property of creators, and will always do our best to process such infringements promptly.