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Each SInventoryItem refers to a single item in the users inventory. See also Template:Scripting/SInventory for master inventory access.



long MasterID { get; }

The master ID for this item - also known as the Curator ID or Item ID, this is the ID for the master item from which this copy exists

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long PlayerItemID { get; }

The instance ID for this item - this is guaranteed to be unique per inventory item

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string Name { get; }

Returns the name of the inventory item

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string Description { get; }

Returns the registered description of the inventory item in the users locale

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string Brand { get; }

Returns brand information about the item

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string CustomData { get; }

Returns any custom data associated with this item, typically used for 'game' items

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bool StoreCustomData (string data);

Updates the inventory items custom data, and requests a synchronisation with the inventory server. It may not update on the server immediately, but all local calls will reflect the new data. Note: this request can be rate limited and should only be called from a user initiated action (such as clicking a button). Updates to custom data must not be initiated on a timer or regular automatic event. Access to this function can be blacklisted to specific creators if abused.

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