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The SAvatar class refers a single player avatar active within the scene. This only contains active players with a valid network connection, and does not include NPCs.



string Username { get; }

Returns the players current username (note: this can be changed by players for a small fee)

No example provided yet


string Title { get; }

Returns the players current title

No example provided yet


long ID { get; }

Returns the players user ID, please note if you store these, this is a 'long' value not a 'int'.

No example provided yet


SGameObject GameObject { get; }

Returns a reference to the players GameObject

No example provided yet


void Detach ();

Detaches the avatar from whatever it may be attached to (only works for the player avatar), including chairs, vehicles and so forth.

No example provided yet


void AttachTo (SGameObject target);

Attaches the player to the target game object, keeping the avatar fixed in its current position/rotation relative to the target object (e.g. for use in Vehicles)

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SGameObject FindBone (string bone);

Retrieves the specified bone.

-- Best used with non humanoid models

local bone = Space.Scene.PlayerAvatar.FindBone("Hips/Spine/Chest/LeftShoulder"); -- Gets the bone by path
Space.Log(bone.Name); -- Prints the retrieved bones name, which will match the last name in the path specified.


-- Best used with humanoid models
local bone = Space.Scene.PlayerAvatar.FindBone("LeftShoulder"); -- Gets bone by UnityEngine.HumanTrait.BoneName[]
Space.Log(bone.Name); -- Prints the bone name of the corresponding search parameter, which when using a default avatar, it will print "LeftShoulder"


Body: Hips, Spine, Chest, UpperChest
Head: Neck, Jaw, Head, LeftEye, RightEye

Left Arm: LeftShoulder, LeftUpperArm, LeftLowerArm, LeftHand
Left Leg: LeftUpperLeg, LeftLowerLeg, LeftFoot, LeftToes

Right Arm: RightShoulder, RightUpperArm, RightLowerArm, RightHand
Right Leg: RightUpperLeg, RightLowerLeg, RightFoot, RightToes

Left Hand (Thumb): LeftThumbProximal, LeftThumbIntermediate, LeftThumbDistal
Left Hand (Index): LeftIndexProximal, LeftIndexIntermediate, LeftIndexDistal
Left Hand (Middle): LeftMiddleProximal, LeftMiddleIntermediate, LeftMiddleDistal
Left Hand (Ring): LeftRingProximal, LeftRingIntermediate, LeftRingDistal
Left Hand (Little): LeftLittleProximal, LeftLittleIntermediate, LeftLittleDistal

Right Hand (Thumb): RightThumbProximal, RightThumbIntermediate, RightThumbDistal
Right Hand (Index): RightIndexProximal, RightIndexIntermediate, RightIndexDistal
Right Hand (Middle): RightMiddleProximal, RightMiddleIntermediate, RightMiddleDistal
Right Hand (Ring): RightRingProximal, RightRingIntermediate, RightRingDistal
Right Hand (Little): RightLittleProximal, RightLittleIntermediate, RightLittleDistal