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The SNetwork class allows you to send messages to other users in the region, and persist/retrieve variables which have been stored within the region.



void SendNetworkMessage (string key, IDictionary<object,object>);

Sends a networked message to every client with a subscriber listening on 'key'. The message itself can be a dictionary/table containing two columns and any network serializable type (string, float, int, byte, bool and arrays of those types)

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void SetShardProperty (string key, string value);

Sets a property named 'key' of the region to 'value'. Will persist until the region is shut down or restarted. (Use SPersistence for longer term storage)

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string GetShardProperty (string key);

Gets a previously set key.

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void SubscribeToNetwork (string key, Action<SNetworkMessage> callback);

Subscribes to network messages on 'key', will fire a Scripting/SNetworkMessage whenever a matching message is received

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