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The SHost class represents the scripting runtime.



void InvokeEvent (string name);

Invokes a UnityEvent attached to the Scripting Runtime component this script is executing in.

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void Stop ();

Pauses the current script until it is manually restarted, at the end of the current function/method; consider using return as well

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SGameObject ExecutingObject { get; }

Returns the SGameObject this script is attached to

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string Language { get; }

Returns the English name for the users language, e.g. 'English', 'French', 'Chinese'

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void StartCoroutine (DynValue func);

Executes the specified function as a coroutine.

local function myCoroutine()
    -- The yield statement is a special kind of return, that ensures that the function will continue from the line once the coroutine resumes.
    -- Placing a float value inside of the yield will result in a delayed execution.
    -- Example: coroutine.yield(0.5) will wait 0.5 seconds before continuing the execution of the coroutine.

    -- This will print the current players active time.

    -- Execution of this coroutine will be halted for 10 seconds.

    -- This will print the current players active time, which will be 10 seconds greater then the previous as a result of the yield