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Player spawn points

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Multiple Player Spawn Points can be placed anywhere in a map. When each player leaves the Safe Zone Lobby to enter the game they are teleported randomly to one of the spawn points.

These are separate items that can be uploaded as furniture items so that players can place the spawn points across their maps how they want to. The positioning of the spawn points themselves is far more strategically important than the positioning of the safe zone.

This video tutorial shows how to wire up and publish your own Player Spawn Point as an inventory item players can in place in their own customised multi-player maps in Sinespace;

Public variables

The public variable on the Player Spawn Point allows players to define a team for individual spawn points when they are placed in the map. The spawn point will then only be available to players on that team.

A spawn point can also be left open for all players. (Please note, as of writing the team system for the FPS is still in development and the team functions on the Player Spawn Point are not yet active.)



There are three events on the Player Spawn Point; free, red and blue.

These trigger particles or other events relating to the status of the spawn point. Players laying out team based maps can configure individual spawn points to spawn only players on specific teams or to be open for all players.