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Female Hair Resource Files

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Here you can find the hair resource files for female avatars. All of the below resource file zips include a .PNG files for the patterns/textures, Unity package and an FBX. All of these hair files are owned by Sinespace. We will be adding to the list when more Sinespace clothing is released.

Blunt Fringe Bob Source Files BluntFringeBob200.png
Bob Source Files Bob.png
Emo Bob Source Files EmoBob200.png
Womens' Emo Hair Source Files EmoHair200.png
Rave Dancer Source Files RaveDancer200.png
Striped Hair with Bow Source Files StripedHairwithBow200.png
Womens' Ponytail Source Files WomensPonytail200.png
Wavy Bob Source Files WavyBob200.png