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Regions in Sinespace

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Everyone who joins Sinespace gets a free region with 128 MB space.

  • Upload your own content as a region
  • You can make a region private or public
  • Regions can be a small interior or a large exterior, or mix it up however you like
  • You can parcel land and rent areas to other users
  • You can customize regions with the in world inspector
  • You can make home templates for users with the room floor and room furniture system
  • Home templates and furniture can be uploaded via the Editor Pack
  • You can create a full scripted game environment, home templates or static regions
  • Post Effects/Post Processing helps you create a beautiful region to AAA standards
  • Your region will go first to our preview servers, then to live. No matter which OS system you are using, the regions will be optimized for that system (Windows, Mac, Linux and Android)
  • Depending on subscription level, you can have up to 100 avatars in one region
  • You can shard regions for big events
  • You can collaborate and build together via the Edit Room system in any region

Here are links to our website and wiki with more information: