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First region free


Your first home region is completely free with 128MB of space. Click on the Home button in-world! You can add more regions with region subscriptions.

No geographical limitations


No geographical limitations means you can create a large exterior region or a small interior, the choice is up to you.

A private or public space


With region management, you can control who has access to your region. You can also have a completely private version of Sinespace on a white label grid for added privacy.

Customisable regions

Region customisation.png

Regions are fully customisable thanks to our in-world Inspector. The in-world inspector lets you change almost everything in the region, including light colors, textures and the shape and layout of buildings.

Build regions of AAA standards


With Unity as our game engine, and access to environmental scripts in our editor pack, creators are able to make beautiful and realistic regions built to AAA game standards.

Collaborate and build together


The 'Edit Room' system allows you to collaborate with other creators to design a perfect region!

Hold a large event


You can hold a large event due to being able to shard regions. Also, depending on subscription level, you can have up to 100 avatars in one region.

Make a home

Region home.png

With the Room floor and room furniture system you can upload a home template for users to buy, decorate and use as their home region.

If you need any guidance on how to upload your creations to Sinespace or want to chat with other creators, check out our Discord Channel!