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Instant multiplayer


Jump into one of our game maps for an instant multiplayer experience.

Customisable maps


Game maps can be customised and edited to suit your game-play style.

Customisable characters


Upload your own characters to use in your game, or upload clothing for use with our avatars.

Built-in marketplace for DLC and in-game items


The built-in marketplace allows you to sell your game items to other players, as well being able to buy other players' items.

Join our public servers...


Joining our public servers means you can draw more players into your game region; More players equals more fun!

Or create your own standalone project


You can create your own standalone project within a white label grid. This grid is completely private to you, so you can make changes to your game environment to suit your own needs.

Array of game styles


Make a MMO, FPS or racing game.... You name it, it can be done with the combination of Unity, Sinespace and scripting.

If you need any guidance on how to upload your creations to Sinespace or want to chat with other creators, check out our Discord Channel!