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Step 1.Register a creator account

To become a content creator, you will need to sign up for the creator program. You can do this on our creator website. To join the creator program, you only really need to put your email address and name onto the creator program form. Please make sure to use a real email address as notifications for your content uploads will come to this address.

Step 2.Install Unity Editor

See Unity Installation for the current version and installation walkthrough. Please note: we use a specific version (or range of versions) of the Unity editor, see the Unity Installation page for more details. Other versions may not work.

Note for Mac/Linux Users

You also need to have Mono installed on OSX for the editor pack to work.

For OSX we recommend a specific version you can get that here: [1]

Some assistance for linux users

Step 3.Download and install the Space Editor Pack

The Space Editor Pack is an add-on for Unity which allows you to upload your content to Sinespace and contains all of the necessary components you will need for various content. You can find the Editor Pack versions on our Editor Pack page.

Once downloaded, open Unity.

In the top menu of Unity, click Assets / Import package / Custom package.


Select the Editor pack you have downloaded from the link from above. This will usually be in your PC's Downloads folder.

It will take a few minutes to unpack all the assets. When the Import Unity Package window pops up, click on 'All' at the bottom of the window, then click on 'Import'.

Note: Do not install the standard asset package as space package already has it.

Step 4.Enable Editor Pack Settings

With the editor pack now installed, you will see a new button called 'space' in the top menu.

click on Space / Install Editor Pack Settings to enable the editor pack settings.


Step 5.Sign in to space in your Unity project

In the top menu click Space / Upload settings

In the Inspector window on the right log in with the username and password you created at (above). You might have to switch from the Services window to the Inspector window.


Add your real name, a business name if you have one, review and accept the EULA for content creators.

End User License Agreement

Step 6. Upload a sandbox region

Follow the video tutorial on how to set up a basic region to use as a sandbox region.

Congratulations! You are now ready to create and upload content to the Space virtual world!

Accepting the EULA will allow you to access the creator server. Until you complete this step you will only have access to the live server.