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(Install Unity Editor)
(Install Editor Pack)
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==Install Editor Pack==
==Install Editor Pack==
Create a new Unity project.
Create a new Unity project.
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'''Note:''' Do not install the standard asset package as space package already has it.<br><br>
'''Note:''' Do not install the standard asset package as space package already has it.<br><br>
==Enable Editor Pack Settings==
==Enable Editor Pack Settings==

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Starting Note

The Space platform is a highly customisable virtual world, built upon the Unity3D game engine. We provide you with the leading edge tools for building your content - and making it look the best it possibly can, while maintaining solid performance.

Content Submission

We utilise a reviewed content model for virtual goods, trusted content creators are able to apply to skip review queues, after demonstrating a consistent commitment to our platform content guidelines; however we provide a test server, which allows you to preview your content in a live environment, without review. Content submission and review is free, however we do offer paid subscriptions, which among other benefits provide prioritised processing (our servers will prioritise your content, and we'll prioritise it for review).

Why do we review content before publishing?

There are several reasons we review content uploaded by creators, among others:

  • Legal: We're responsible for redistributing your content to a wider audience, and wish to try ensure that inappropriate content is not seen by minors.
  • Content Piracy: By reviewing content prior to publication, we can limit the amount of stolen content that is uploaded onto the platform.
  • Technical: By reviewing content, we can enforce technical guidelines and prevent 'tragedy of the commons' situations with poorly optimised content ruining the framerate of all users.


We provide multiple currencies in our platform, some of these are paid currencies, which when items are purchased with, translate to direct earnings to yourself. Earnings are cashed out on a regular period - see the latest creator agreement for specific details. To sell content, you need to have signed a copy of our creator agreement. When submitting content for sale for the first time, you will be contacted to approve this agreement.

Getting Started

Watch the following video for a tutorial on setting up your account and setting up your project in the Unity3D game engine.

To become a Space creator you need to;

Register a user account

Visit the website - and register your user account. Make sure to verify the email address (sometimes the verification link goes to spam).

Install Unity Editor

See Unity Installation for the current version and installation walkthrough. Please note: we use a specific version (or range of versions) of the Unity editor, see the Unity Installation page for more details. Other versions may not work.

Install Editor Pack


Create a new Unity project.

In the top menu click Assets / Install package / Custom package.

Select the Editor pack you have downloaded from the link handed out by the account manager. It will take a few minutes to unpack all the assets. Import all the assets into your project.

When the Editor Pack is installed you will see a new menu item in the top menu bar; “space”

And you will see a number of folders in the project window in your Unity Project.

Note: Do not install the standard asset package as space package already has it.

Enable Editor Pack Settings

In the top menu click Space / Install Editor Pack Settings

Sign in to space in your Unity project

In the top menu click Space / Upload settings

In the Inspector window on the right log in with the username and password you created at (above).

Add your real name, a business name if you have one, review and accept the EULA for content creators.


Congratulations! You are now ready to create and upload content to the Space virtual world!

How space is Organized

space servers are divided into two sections, the creator server where you set up your regions, clothing, models etc and
the live servers that the public can access. You can buy and sell items on the live server but not the creator server.

There are also two ways to access space, via a desktop client and the web. To access the servers by web:

The Creator server:

The space live server:

Note: Due to the memory restrictions on internet browsers some regions will not be
accessible using the web client. It is suggested to use the desktop client to get started.
See the main page of the wiki for the download url to the desktop client.

Creator portal ("The Curator")

To purchase regions and manage your income from selling assets go to:

Keyboard Controls

  • Movement: W A S D (or arrow keys)
  • Flight: F to toggle / E Up - C Down / Run hold Shift
  • Improvements are being implimented.


Getting started with



Gestures and animations


New To Unity? Getting Started Videos