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Clothing Customization - coming again VERY soon!!

The results of customization can be seen via every Space application, including webgl and mobile / tablet, but only the desktop application allows you to do your own customization.

Click here to get the desktop application.

When you buy a clothing item using the Space desktop application you will have the option to customize. You can only customize an item at this point; once it has been added to your inventory it cannot be customised and you cannot change the customization of a clothing item after saving your work.

Colour Tinting

Overall color tint allows you to add a single color to the whole clothing item.

Some clothing items are created to allow you to recolour different areas separately; clothing supporting this feature can be modified using the Primary, secondary and tertiary colour pickers.


Paint Mode

Paint mode allows you to add decals to clothing items, to make them completely unique to you.

Create a new layer, select a colour for your decal, select a decal and then use the placement and adjustment tools to align, size and rotate your decal.

You can create multiple layers from scratch or duplicate and modify existing ones to quickly and easily create unique patterns and styles.


Check the Clothing Customization section of the store for more decal packs; or join our creators and add your own!

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If you create something really special you can even add it to the auction system and allow other people to bid for it!

Link to Auction section