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Setting up VR

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WARNING this is being revised

How to set up VR headsets

Supported Headsets:

  • Oculus Rift
  • HTC Vive
  • WMR

To enable the headsets to work with sinespace, you need to follow:

Have the most current viewer -

Oculus Rift, set up:

Set up Oculus home and verify that it is working properly. Verify voice works properly as we do not support text at this time for VR Change the settings in the Oculus Application to allow for use in other applications.

Log In steps:

3. Enable VR mode for sinespace.

This can be enabled from the sinespace viewer login page.

Click on the box next to the pink settings button in the far right bottom of the login page.

4. You will need to make sure the Vivox voice is checked also, so you can communicate with other users in world via voice. Click on the pink button on the bottom far right. Click on MISC check Enable Vivox Voice

5. You will need to exit the sinespace client and restart it.

Once these steps are done, you are able to use sinespace in VR mode.

VR controls: Being revised!