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The 'Space' global accessible in every script (for C# scripts, this inherits from the SpaceScript base class)

It has the following members:


SInventory Inventory { get; }

Allows access to the users inventory

No example provided yet


SPersistence Persistence { get; }

Stores information between user sessions, and for other users

No example provided yet


SScene Scene { get; }

Allows access to the current scene graph (objects and avatars in the scene, and other information)

No example provided yet


SHost Host { get; }

Access information about the current scripting runtime host

No example provided yet


SPhysics Physics { get; }

Call physics-related commands, and variables, such as raycasting

No example provided yet
  • Scripting/SMath Math
  • Scripting/SString String
  • Scripting/SInput Input
  • Scripting/SCameraManager Camera
  • Scripting/SWebService WebServices
  • Scripting/SNetwork Network
  • Scripting/SResource[] Resources
  • float Time The current viewer time - this will usually correlate with the number of seconds the player has been in the current scene, increments each frame, typically used for animation/tweening
  • DateTime ServerTime The current server time - usually UTC, as according to the login server.
  • float DeltaTime The current time between this frame, and the previous frame, as used in Update, LateUpdate events, if moving a object, you can multiply it by DeltaTime to get a consistent speed
  • void Log(string text) Logs the message to the script debug console