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Its application depends on the agent of a sentence or security measure. A crime may be Utah Free Criminal Records illegal or perfectly legal. Illegal and punishable crime is the violation of any rule of administrative, fiscal or criminal liability on the part of agents of the state or practice of any wrongdoing and notoriously harmful to self or against third parties. Legal and not punishable crimes are all acts in self defense or otherwise determined by the illegal or criminal conduct of others that happened in the first place. Criminal records are considered a vital record because of its information given and show the criminal history of a person.

A background check or background investigation is the process of looking up and compiling criminal records, commercial records and financial records of a person or of an organization. These are requested mostly by employers and use for illegal purposes. Information included in a criminal record varies between countries and even between jurisdictions within a country. The record of a person has different categories of criminal offenses. Felony is a serious criminal offense that includes a potential punishment of two and a half years or longer in prison. Murder, rape, kidnapping, aggravated assault or battery, arson, burglary and grand theft are all considered felony crimes. Certain offenses may be considered felony or misdemeanor depending on the case.

Misdemeanor is considered as a less severe criminal act and it is a crime that is punishable by less than two and a half years in prison. However, some of these cases are punishable with monetary fines and most likely its cases may or may not be expunged from the record. Parole violation is a conditional release from prison. Parole Utah Criminal Records Downloading violations include possession of drugs, alcohol or weapons, failing a drug test, not wearing a GPS or being near a school zone or playground for sex offenders. Probation violation is assigned as an alternative to a jail term. Violations can result in numerous offenses including the revocation of probation, extension on the length or severity of the probation, community service or mandatory substance abuse treatment.

Sex offender statuses are people who are convicted of certain sexual crimes. Each registered sex offender is categorized as a level 1, 2 or 3. Traffic violations are also present in a criminal record when certain types of traffic offense are made. Criminal law may be defined as the body of rules in which conduct is established and is now imposed against a person that threatened, harm or endanger the safety and welfare of others and such law sets out the punishment to be imposed on people who do not observed it.

There are five objects that are widely accepted for enforcement of the criminal law by punishments. These are retribution, deterrence, incapacitation, rehabilitation and restitution. Retribution is a punishment that is considered morally right and fully deserved. Deterrence is aimed toward the specific offender. It imposes a sufficient punishment to discourage the offender from criminal behavior. Incapacitation is simply made to keep criminals away from society so that the public is protected from their misconduct. Rehabilitation aims at transforming an offender into a valuable member of society. Restitution uses a victim oriented theory of punishment.