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Welcome! This wiki provides documentation for the sinespace virtual world.
Introducing sinespace, a virtual world platform built for creators. Create, share and sell content, organise live events, build games, design fantastic regions, educational content and business applications.
Latest Creator Downloads
Unity Editor: 2017.2.4
Editor Pack: 13p17
Desktop Viewer: v2018.10b31-beta
Beta Viewer: v2018.10b31-betaDownload
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Quickstart Guides

Learn how to move,chat,take snapshots and more.
Everything you need to know about setting up a shop.
Everything you need to know about lighting an interior.
Everything you need to know about designing detailed clothing.
Chat Groups

Skype too noisy? Turn off notifications. Conversation > Notifications Settings.

Content Portals
Learn about specific areas of content creation inside sinespace.