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Welcome! This wiki provides documentation for the sinespace virtual world.
Introducing sinespace, a virtual world platform built for creators. Create, share and sell content, organise live events, build games, design fantastic regions, educational content and business applications.
Latest Creator Downloads
Stable Unity Editor: 2017.2.4
Preview Unity Editor: 2017.2 - 2018.2
Experimental Unity Editor: 2018.3
Stable Editor Pack: 13p17 (for Unity 2017.2)
Preview Editor Pack: 14p194 (for Unity 2017.2+)
Stable Viewer: v2018.11b22
Preview Viewer: v2019.1b5Download
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Quickstart Guides

Build C.png
Learn how to create a game in-world.
Avatar C.png
Everything you need to know about avatars.
Region C.png
Learn how to create beautiful regions.
Everything you need to know about our white label grids.
White Label C.png
Everything you need to know about starting a virtual business.

Content Portals
Learn about specific areas of content creation inside sinespace.