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How to upload avatars/full replacement costumes with custom animations

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This tutorial we will show you how to upload a full replacement costume with custom animations to Sinespace. This is useful if you don't want your replacement costumes to have the same animations as our default avatars. Replacement costumes can be full avatars which are different to the Sinespace one.

This tutorial only shows how to add custom animations for humanoids. For non-humanoid costumes with custom animations, please see our Masterclass on how to do this.

You can follow the steps on our Full replacement costume (no animations) to see how to import and set up the costume. For custom animations you will also need to check the Animations and Controllers option under the Clothing Item Settings.

Adding custom animation for humanoids

Note: This function is still under developping, it may not work as expect. Please be patient for further update info. If you want to make your own animations for your own replacement costume, please go to Unity's Animation tutorials to see how to do this in Unity.

When uploading a humanoid with custom animations, you will need to set the Override Animations under the Animations and Controllers option on the Clothing Item Settings. The Size needs to be set to the number of animations you will be using to override the default ones. It is best to override all of the default animations with custom ones, but you can set this up so only a couple of animations are overridden, e.g walking and running. Drag the custom animations into the Element boxes, and choose the appropriate animation you want to override in the drop-down menu.


It will all be set up now to upload. You can follow the steps on Full replacement costume (no animations) to see how to upload the item as a costume.