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How to upload avatars/full replacement costumes with custom animations

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This tutorial we will show you how to upload a full replacement costume with custom animations to Sinespace. This is useful if you don't want your replacement costumes to have the same animations as our default avatars. Replacement costumes can be full avatars which are different to the Sinespace one.


You can follow the steps on our Full replacement costume (no animations) to see how import and set up the costume. For the custom animations part, keep reading on this page.

Adding a custom animation

If you want to make your own animations for your own replacement costume, please go to Unity's Animation tutorials to see how to do this in Unity. Note : If you are going to upload an avatar to use as your replacement costume that you have not made or do not own, please read all of the terms and conditions on the item.

For the animation to actually work on the costume, you will need to make sure you have followed all the steps on the replacement costume (no animations) page, but on the Clothing Item Settings component, make sure you have checked the Animations and Controllers option.


You can fill in the rest of this when you have made the animation using the Animator Controller.

Animator Controller

To create a Animator Controller, right click in the Project window, and select Create>Animator Controller. This will add it to your project window. You can then rename it if you wish. With the Animator Controller selected, in the Inspector window, click on Open. This will open the Animator tab.


This is a very simple start to adding states. States are what make the animations play in an organised manner. You can see a simple starter Animator Controller if you search for Player Controller in the Project window. We are going to start with this and change it to fit the costume.


This is the basic animator controller we have for our avatar animations. These include Idle, Move and the fly animations. You can get rid of most of these and just keep Entry, Exit and Any state, so it looks like this:


Once you have done this, you can then drag in the animations for your replacement costume. You will want to make sure you drag in animations for Idle, Walk, Run, Fly and Jump. You can drag in the animation from your Project window to the Animator.


Once they are in the Animator, you will want to lay them out similarly to the Player Controller.