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Gestures/Animated Cameras

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You can animate the camera in concert with the character animations in your gesture.

There are two options;

  • Avatar Effect Camera Script - create an animated path from a start and end point in Unity
  • Avatar Effect Camera Movement Script - import an animation for the camera from another application.

Option 1 - Avatar Effect Camera Script

You can set a start and end position for the camera using the Avatar Effect Camera script.

Gesture - camera character script default.jpg


Type - linear will move the camera straight from start point to end point. Rotation will move around the avatar.

Interpolation - PENDING


The offsets allow you to place the camera in relation to the avatar. Y+ is up. Z+ is forward.

So; X0, Y1, Z2 will put the camera 1 meter above ground, 2 meters in front of the avatar.

Tracking Options

The tracking options will animate the camera in line with the selected bone (Tracking target).

Tracking Target

Start / End Avatar - For two person gestures you can move the camera target from one avatar to the other.

Start - End Target - You can move the camera's focus from one bone to another over the duration of the gesture.

Option 2 - Avatar Effect Camera Movement Script

You can apply animation from an fbx file to the camera using the Avatar Effect Camera Movement Script.

Gesture camera path script.jpg

Legacy Animation Clip

Drag the fbx file containing your animation into the Legact Animation Clip field. See below for FBX settings.

Child name

The name of the camera in your FBX file

Focus name

The name of the camera target in your FBX file

Tweak Axis

Unity's orientation is;

Y+ = Up

Z+ = Forward

If your files export from your animation editor with a different orientation you can align to achieve your desired orientation using the Tweak Axis fields.

Offset / Ignore rotation

Use these if you want to make universal adjustments to the animation in the editor.

Start time / End time

Set the end time to the same as your animation file.

FBX settings

Add keyframes at start and end

Before you import your fbx file it needs to contain two animated objects; a Camera and Camera Interest.

Please ensure that for both objects there is a keyframe at the start and end of the track;

A screenshot from Motion Builder

Copy Field of View data to Camera Scale X

Before you import your fbx file please copy the field of view information into the Camera object's X scale track.

The Legacy Animation rig that sinespace uses to apply the animation to the user's camera inworld, does not pick the data directly from the Field of View track in your animation editor.

A screenshot from Motion Builder

Import settings

When you import your FBX file, open the Rig tab in the Inspector.

Set the Animation Type to Legacy Animation Clip.

Set Generation to Store in Root (new)

Camera fbx set to legacy.jpg