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You can create furniture to put down in your region for you and other users to use with poses/animations.

To add poses to furniture, first select the furniture item you want to use in Unity.

Setting Up the Item and Animation

Once you have the piece of furniture in the scene, click on the furniture item in the hierarchy, then click Create and choose Create Empty Child.


You can rename this to 'Pose' if you wish. Making a child for this is so you can move the 'Pose' independently from the main furniture mesh to help position the avatar correctly once animation is added.

With the child/Pose highlighted, click on Add Component in the Inspector window and search for Seat Improved.

When you have added the Seat Improved component, you will see a green box show up on your furniture item and also see the Seat Improved script settings in the Inspector Window.


Under the Seat Imrpoved script, you will see a few options.


  • Animation- This is for general animations
  • Animation Male- This is for animations specifically made for male avatars.
  • Animation Female- This is for animations specifically made for female avatars
  • NPC- This is for when you want an NPC to be using the furniture with no animation (statue like)

For this chair, I am going to use the Animation slot as I want this to be used by both genders.

Find an animation you want to use for the pose that your avatar will use on the chair.

Once you have the animation, click on it in the Project window. It's Import settings will be shown in the Inspector Window.


Under the Rig tab, there will be a couple of sub headers:

  • Animation Type
  • Avatar Definition
  • Source

The animation type will want to be set to Humanoid.

If you are setting the animation up to be used with the avatars of Space, choose Copy From Another Avatar under the Avatar Definition header.

Go to Source and choose the fitting avatar for the animation. If you are using gender specific animations, please select the right gender from the 2015 Female and 2015 Male avatars.
What if your using a neutral pose?

Click Apply.


Go to the Animation tab and scroll down to Motion. You want to set this to None so you can independently move the avatar when playing the animation under the Game tab.

Click Apply.


Testing And Finalizing the Animation

Once this is done, click on the child of the furniture (Or Pose if you renamed it), and drag the animation (Will be named Take with numbers after it) into the rightful animation slot under the Inspector Window. If you can't see the Take animation, you may need to expand the animation by clicking on the little arrow next to it in the project window.


After doing this, you can search for 'PlayerChar' in the search bar of your project window, and drag it into the hierarchy. You will also need to add a Plane mesh if you are using an empty scene as the player-character will fall through the ground of the Unity scene without it. To add a plane, click Create under the hierarchy and go to 3D Object and choose Plane. You will want to place this underneath the furniture you are using.

Once this is done, you can click on the Play button at the top of the screen. This will take you to the Game tab, and you will see the Space UI, your avatar and the furniture. The furniture will have a small blue arrow on it; Click on it and your avatar will 'Sit' on the piece of furniture with the animation/pose you have chosen.

If the avatar is not in the right position, click on the Scene tab, but do NOT stop the Game. You might have to right click the Game tab to minimize it if it is maximized. Click on the child/pose in the hierarchy. You can move your avatar along with the animation to fit the furniture properly.

Once you have moved it, you will see that the new placement is marked under the Transform header in the Inspector window. Right click the Transform header, and choose Copy. This insures you won't lose the correct placement when you stop the Game tab.

Stop the Game tab from running by clicking the Play button at the top of the screen. You will see that the Transform position is back to 0,0,0. Right click the Transform header, and choose Paste Component Values. This will add the coordinates you copied to put the animation in the right position.

The furniture is now set up with the animation/pose. You can bake this into your scene to use in your region, or you can add a virtual good script to the item and mark it as a generic item for sale in Space Store.