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List of 3rd party extensions (such as Unity Asset Store items)

Extension Name Summary Link Works? Officially Supported? Notes
AltTrees System Terrain/Tree Placement Asset Store Yes No Requires editor pack 9.8 onwards
AQUAS Water/River System Asset Store Yes Yes Gaia compatible
Fog Volume Fog/Cloud Effects Asset Store Yes Yes Version 2.0 on whitelist now, newly released Version 3 requires Editor Pack 9.8 and above (not yet working).
Gaia Procedural terrain tools Asset Store Yes No Appears to work
Landscape Auto Material High quality terrain shaders Asset Store Yes Yes Works on Desktop class platforms only
PA Particle Field Volumetric particle fields Asset Store Yes Yes Desktop & Console platforms only
PlayWay Water System Water System Asset Store Yes No Requires editor pack 9.8 onwards (not yet working). Mobile support in experimental stages.
ProCore Bundle In-Editor 3D Modelling Asset Store Yes No All Platforms. Comprehensive tool to enhance Unity build and design capabilities.
RAIN AI AI Solutions for NPCs Asset Store Yes Yes (Free!) Can be useful for building immersive worlds where NPCs act on their own
Relief Terrain Pack Terrain Shaders Asset Store Yes No Requires editor pack 9.7 onwards (not yet working properly)
SpeedTree Tree & Plant Modeller (external program) Web Site Yes No SpeedTree asset files work natively in Unity.
Suimono Interactive Water Solution Asset Store Yes Yes Appears to work
TerrainComposer 2 Procedural terrain tools Asset Store Yes No Appears to work
USequencer Powerful cutscene editing Asset Store Yes Yes Supported until Unity Director arrives in Unity 5.6, will be depreciated later (supported until 2018). Some items (e.g. Load Level) unsupported.
Visualizer Studio Audio visualisation Asset Store Yes Yes Officially supported, can use built-in space equivalents as well.
Voxeland Volumetric terrain tools Asset Store Yes No Works for non-infinite terrains. Make sure to use 'Save data to .asset' before uploading.
World Machine Procedural terrain tools (external program) Web Site Yes No Appears to work

Criteria for Official Support

If you want a package to be officially supported, we will judge it on the following criteria.

  • Is this useful to a wide number of users?
  • How much does it cost, is it free? (Preference given to free extensions if there is two competing solutions)
  • How well supported is it? (how long ago did it come out, how often does it get updates for major breaking version changes?)
  • Does it require consuming limited resources to support (e.g. Shader keywords, etc.)
  • How much does it add to the player file filesizes?

If you want a package supported - please let us know with a link for it, and what your use case is and we'll look into adding official support.