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Please see Get_started to check information on Unity versions

To download our Editor Pack, please open Unity. Unity will ask you to log into your account, then it will ask you to open or create a project. Please make a new project for our editor pack and name it appropriately.

Installing the editor pack

Once you have Unity open, click on the Asset store tab, search for Sinespace and download the SDK package. When it has downloaded,

Editor pack versions

There a few different editor pack versions, and some work better with Unity versions than others. Please use the recommended package for your Unity version as show in the SDK package.

Attention Mac users

After the Editor Pack has been installed, you will either need to install the Native Mac Uploader (recommended) or the legacy mono framework version (click here to download). Installing the Native Mac Uploader is easy, simply click on the SineSpace --> Tools --> Install --> Native Mac Uploader menu option. This process will take a little time, but should be completely automated and you will receive a message once the uploader has been successfully installed.