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Cool Socks From Hot Sox

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Designer socks have long been the forte of Ellie. And if you are one of the many women who are into those outrageous designer socks of both ankle and knee lengths, then you surely must have heard of HOT SOX! Yes, this is the official baby of Ellie!Ellie Gordon has done so much in the fashion industry. Coming from a Polish family who survived the Holocaust, the strength of men\u0027s socks athletic Ellie's company is definitely an inspiring story all throughout the industry. In fact, apart from being one of the hugest names in the latest realm in fashion hosiery, Ellie has also led so many women in business. She prides herself with her very own mission geared towards assisting women in making strong names for themselves in the world of business. Effectiveness is a quality that Ellie aims to hone for all the business women she gets in touch with. Ellie definitely has what it takes to do this for the many women who want to be just like her. Look at her! She is the founder of HOT SOX Company Inc. Not only that, Ellie is also the senior executive vice president of the company she founded! What's more, the company she brought into realization garners annual sales of over $60 million! Imagine that! Ellie Gordon has definitely come a long way from being a Holocaust survivor who fled her homeland of Poland with her parents, to try their luck in America.At the early age of seven, Ellie started developing her canny business sense when her father bought a soda/candy shop in New York City. Her daily routine was school by day and work at the shop after school. That was basically her routine until her parents started a buy and sell business of stores. With the money made, Ellie then studied art history at American University, located at Washington DC. Art has always been a passion of Ellie's ever since. It was also during this time that she met Mark, her would-be husband. After gaining her bachelor's, Ellie immediately attended graduate school, where she started meshing her passion with art and the entrepreneurial experience she gained from working the many shops her parents bought and sold over time. This mixing and matching was actually done unknowingly on her part. But it did not take long for her to start honing her business skills because of the support her parents had given her for so long.Pretty soon, things started falling into place, and these began paving the way for Ellie to become the artsy entrepreneur that she is today.