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Component's Inspector

Legacy animation clip drag animation here
Child name name of camera in FBX
Target name Name of the target camera
Tweak axis tweaks orientation of the imported FBX in unity
Tweak position Teaks position of the imported FBX in unity
Ignore Rotation Ignores rotation of FBX
Start Time Sets the start of animation
End Time Sets the end time of the animation

You can apply animation from an fbx file to the camera using the Avatar Effect Camera Movement Script.

Click on Add Component under the Inspector window, and search for Camera Follow Path in the search bar.

This component has a few settings:

  • Legacy Animation Clip

Drag the fbx file containing your animation into the Legacy Animation Clip field. See below for FBX settings.

  • Child name

The name of the camera in your FBX file

  • Target name

The name of the camera target in your FBX file

  • Tweak Axis

Unity's orientation is;

Y+ = Up

Z+ = Forward

If your files export from your animation editor with a different orientation you can align to achieve your desired orientation using the Tweak Axis fields.

  • Offset / Ignore rotation

Use these if you want to make universaal adjustments the animation in the editor.

  • Start time / End time

Set the end time to the same as your animation file.

For more info and examples, check here.