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Common Uploading Issues

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When creating content for Sinespace, you may find that you run into a few common issues when uploading your items. Please check below to see what you can do to solve these common problems.

1. My Item has been rejected

If you have sent in your item for review, and it has been rejected, we will make sure to add a note to the item on, stating why it has been rejected. If you do not see a note on, then please do contact us by sending us a support ticket, and we will give you an answer on why it has been rejected.

2. My item isn’t showing in the Shop

If your item isn’t showing up in world, please make sure that you have added the item to an existing category in the Shop. For example, if you have made a region template, please make sure that the region is under one of the region categories. If you want a category added, please contact us via a support ticket or in world, and we will do our best to get this category added. Another reason for it not showing up in the Shop might be because you have ticked ‘Not for Sale’ in the Virtual Good component which will make a private item.

3. I want my item to only be sold for Gold, but it’s for sale with Silver as well, how can I make it so it’s sold for only Gold?

If you have uploaded an item you want sold for only Gold and no Silver, please set the Item Price in the Virtual Good component as -1 for Silver and add the amount you want the item sold for in Gold.

4. My item is in the wrong category

If your item has been placed in the wrong category, please make sure in the Virtual Good component that the category is set to the right one. Please bear in mind that if you want an item to be spawnable, you need to set its type to Generic.

5. My item hasn’t uploaded, why is that?

There might be a couple of reasons why your item isn’t uploading. One could be that the item is a duplicate of another item, and you haven’t changed the name or description in the Virtual Good component. Another reason for the item not being uploaded might be because it has gotten stuck in a processing queue. You can check the status of your item on And lastly, an item might not be uploaded if you have forgotten to clear the original ID on a duplicate item.

6. I have uploaded an updated version of my item, why can't I see it in my inventory?

If you have uploaded an updated version of your item, and you can't see it in your inventory, make sure to click the Refresh button in your inventory.


You should see your item after refreshing. It may look the same as before in the inventory if you have kept the same icon, but the item should have your changes, so make sure to test it!

7. My furniture item isn't showing in the Edit Room inventory, why is that?

For furniture to show up in the Edit Room inventory, you need to make sure that in the Editor pack, you have set the item to Furniture and added the Room Furniture component to it. If you have accidentally set the item to generic, this will make it a spawnable item which won't be classed as furniture. Please make sure to set it to furniture.