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Follow basic clothing steps

To submit a range of items based on a single clothing mesh but with varied materials and textures, follow the steps for a basic clothing item; BUT leave "Keep Material Always" unticked.


When you click the Prepare button you will see the materials removed.

Materials removed.jpg

Submit the item and you will see an ID is assigned to the item;

Virtual good ID.jpg

Clothing Extra Pattern Component

Create an empty game object in your project.

Attach the Clothing Extra Pattern component to it.

Enter the ID of the mesh object submmitted above to the Item ID field.

Drag you clothing texture into the Diffuse field and your normal map into the Normal Map field if you are using one.

Shader path - PENDING

Clothing extra pattern.jpg

Virtual Good Component

It is worth mentioning that clothing variations will inherit the Product Name, Description, and Price from the Parent Clothing Item.

Add the virtual good script and submit.

See here for more on the virtual good script.

For multiple variations you can duplicate and modify this object in the project folder (ctrl + d), though do make sure to clear out the Resume ID if the item you are duplicating has already been uploaded to the server.

Please note that if you duplicate a virtual good that has already been submitted and has an ID, you need to wipe the ID in the Virtual Good script and change the product name before resubmitting as a new item.