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In Sinespace our avatars are high quality mesh models with the flexibility to change the shape and details to make every avatar unique.

Clothing, shoes and more

Main 2.png

(Image of clothing with clothing item settings in Unity maybe?)

You have the freedom as a creator to upload a range of items for avatars in Sinespace. These include clothing, shoes, accessories, tattoos, make-up and skins.

Sinespace avatars and full costume avatars

Main 2.png

(Image of Sinespace avatar and a full costume avatar)

Choose from using Sinespace avatars or upload your own avatar design as a full replacement costume. You can upload a full replacement costume to work with our default animations, or you can upload a full replacement costume with your own custom animations.

100+ face and body sliders

Main 2.png

(Image of the sliders)

A variety of face and body sliders allow you to customize your avatar to be uniquely different to another. Make your likeness or play around to make something completely crazy!

Create lots of different avatars with the Outfit system

Main 2.png

(Image of Outfit window?)

You aren’t limited to just one avatar look; with our Outfit system you can create different avatar looks and save them to switch back and forth depending on what look you want.

Hair and skin shaders exclusive to Sinespace avatars

Main 2.png


The use of exclusive hair and skin shaders (?)

Simple Gestures

Main 2.png

(Image of avatars in a gesture/emote)

You can upload gestures and emotes to make interaction with users even more fun;Single person emotes and two person gestures are possible via Unity and the editor pack.

Selfies made easy

Main 2.png

(Image of avatar/s selfie)

With our integrated snapshoot tool, taking selfies couldn't be easier. You can change the camera angle, apply a filter and change the pose of your avatar for the perfect shot.

An inventory that travels with you

Main 2.png

(Image of inventory)

Avatars travel with their inventory and profiles to different regions, whether the region is Sinespace owned or creator owned so you can take all your awesome items with you anywhere.

If you need any guidance on how to upload your creations to Sinespace or want to chat with other creators, check out our Discord Channel!